Your Diet Mindset: Are You Making These Workout Mistakes?

Going on a diet can be a great decision for the benefit of your overall health. And exercise goes hand in hand with your weight loss plan. Unfortunately, too many of those who are looking to lose weight make many mistakes in their exercise routines that can sabotage all of their efforts to live a healthier life. No matter what kind of exercise you do, doing the same activities over and over will not result in much improvement, because the body gets used to the same movements. Once it adapts, any results you were getting begin to disappear.

If stationary cycling tends to be a part of your routine, try not using the handlebars the next time you hop on. This will only reduce your resistance. Not using the handlebars means you have to use your core muscles. As far as ego goes, it may look impressive to the others in the gym when you lift more than you can handle, but it won’t do your body or The Diet Mindset any good, especially if you end up with a serious injury. Remember that getting fit doesn’t mean that you are in competition with anyone else but yourself.

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