What You Drink Makes A Difference To The Diet Mindset

Whenever most of us think of losing weight, we think about the food we eat. But what we drink can be just as important. During the summer months is when we venture out to enjoy barbeques, outdoor parties and other gatherings. And at those gatherings, what we drink is as important as what we eat. Because while that fruity social beverage may look like it’s healthy, it may be worse for you than you think. Experts say that one glassfull of beverage can actually contain hundreds of additional unwanted calories that could take a long while to work off.

The trick, experts say, is to rethink the way you define a glassfull. Although it may make sense to consider one drink to be a glassful, in caloric terms, it looks more like half a glass. And so if you’re in The Diet Mindset, the decision about how many extra calories you can afford will be up to you. For instance, is it worth it to drink a 12 oz Margarita when it involves ingesting 94 extra calories, or a 7oz. Cosmopolitan¬† if it adds 270 calories to what you’ve already consumed? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in high-calorie beverages once in awhile. But keeping an eye on the amounts you consume can help you decide more wisely.

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