The Strange Cases of a Burglary as a Crime of Opportunity

Are all robberies and burglaries well thought out in advance? Actually, the answer is no. While the movies and television like to show crooks planning out their heists, many crimes are crimes of opportunity. A crook may be walking through a neighborhood at night and will see an opportunity to good to pass up. For example, a window may be open in a home and there are no lights on inside. This can lead the burglar to breaking into the home and committing a robbery or worse. In a sense, entering the home was extremely easy. The open window provided a means in which access could be gained. Again, this is an example of a crime of opportunity. Why pass by an open window when one is accessing? This is how criminals think. Homeowners have to be aware of such actions on the part of criminals so as to be able to avoid or deter them.

Taking a few simple steps to safeguard your home might be enough to cut down on being targeted. Locking doors and windows with regularity could be more than enough to reduce potential crimes. You would be amazed at how many crimes are the result of secured homes. The Home Protection Geek will note a number of tales such as these.

Of course, you can also reduce the chances of a home being broken into by having quality home security systems installed.

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