The IOU Calculator: On Getting Your Finances Together

No one would ever wish to deal with issues associated with debt, but there comes a time when you positively must. Going year to year (to even another year) with fiscal problems is not going to be a very smart way to deal with personal finances. The IOU calculator might not always be kind, but it is probably accurate and it may prod you to take steps to clean up your current fiscal situation. Among the very best ways you could gain better control of your finances would be to refinance your current mortgage and acquire a better interest rate. Some say that banks only lend money to those that have it. That is partially true. You do need an income. Most importantly though, you will need to have a good credit rating. Unless your credit rating is good, refinancing a mortgage can be difficult. Consider this another reasons why you may have to take time out to finally improve your credit rating.

Even if you do not want to refinance a mortgage, fixing your credit would be a prudent step to take. Yes, there are refinancing offers for those that have bad credit and they are all worth looking into. However, if you truly want to acquire the best deal, you should look towards cleaning up your credit rating.

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