The Internet Safety Guide Talks XP Defender

Safety while using the internet is not something most of us worry about. This is mainly due to the fact that many of us have firewall and antivirus software installed. But what about the threat of fake security programs? One of these is XP Defender, a program which looks like a computer security program, but that is actually a carefully-designed product with the goal of taking users’ money. XP Defender has been helping hackers to do this for a number of years now. The malware begins trying to obtain user money from the point of installation, at which point windows pop up to alert the user to false infections.

Once alerted, the user is prompted to purchase the program in order to remove all of the falsely-detected threats, as well as eliminate the often-annoying pop-up windows. The Internet Safety Guide warns that XP Defender installs itself most often unbeknownst to the user, and as a Trojan-style installation, where the user gives no permission to install the program. This type of malware can be downloaded from any online location, such as a web page or perhaps even an image that the user has opened on their computer.

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