The Diet Mindset Reveals What You Need To Know About Fats

We all know that fat is the number one cause of coronary artery disease, along with a host of other health conditions. But it seems that almost as soon as someone warns about the dangers of fat, someone else starts talking about all of their benefits. So which fats are bad and which are good? Essential fatty acids are what make the actual fat. But why are they considered to be so essential? Essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the body; they can only come from the foods we eat. The two major forms of essential fatty acids are the Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids.

The role these acids play to the body’s health are instrumental. Essential fatty acids help to form cell membranes. They also help with the oxidation of transmission of cholesterol. As well, essential fatty acids help with the production of specialized hormones. Essential fatty acids like linoleic acid should make up about two to four percent of the total calories consumed every day.

Eating a diet of whole natural foods is the best way to get these essential fatty acids. And there are many placed to get them. Some examples are nuts and seeds and dark green leafy vegetables. Unfortunately, the diets that are most conventional all too often contain the least amount of the essential fatty acids that our bodies so desperately need.

The highly-processed diets of today are also causing a host of disease. Many types of cancer, stroke, diabetes and other such grave health risks are what we face if we continue to consume a conventional processed fat diet. Some dieters feel that they can perhaps continue to eat the foods in a conventional diet if they take one of the many supplements on the market that claims to have a host of benefits. But the truth is that this only allows the avoidance of healthier living to continue. As well, no supplement is an adequate substitute for a healthy diet.

In fact, research has proven that even those supplements which contain essential fatty acids have failed to meet their claims that their producers so loudly proclaim. Another reason to rethink these kinds of supplements is that consuming them in large amounts over a long period of time can actually suppress the immune system. This means that they can make our bodies more vulnerable to viruses and more sinister attackers like cancer cells.

There are many myths to overcome if one is to transition to a diet of whole and natural foods. One of these may be that particular diets work better than ever. For instance, considering a particular diet may reveal that it isn’t an oil that’s regularly used in the food which contributes to weight loss, but the inclusion of large amounts of raw vegetables. The Diet Mindset recommends examining each weight loss option carefully to look at the types of foods that each diet offers. And then compare the foods with the lists of healthy and unhealthy food options.

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