The Diet Mindset Reveals The Number One Cause Of Disease

Believe it or not, stress is at the top of the list of things that can drastically affect our health. And if that weren’t bad enough, there is more than one kind of stress to worry about. In addition to physical stress, there is emotional stress. And emotional stress can actually be the most dangerous kind. The best antidote to stress is to relax. But many of us have trouble doing this. One way to start is simply by breathing. But both the way in which you breathe and how you pay attention to your breathing matters. Simply by breathing more deeply, you can lower your blood pressure and calm yourself down.

Paying attention to your breathing by listening to it and controlling it can also help you to focus on the present instead of looming deadlines for upcoming tasks.  Meditation can help you learn how to breathe properly and more regularly. If you are one to balk at meditation, then you may be interested to know that many conventional physicians are now recommending meditation before prescribing medications. Of course, the right diet with and engaging in exercise regularly can also help to keep you feeling calmer and at peace.

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