Letting the Criminals In Your Home: Believe It Or Not, This Occurs!

What would be among the most common ways intruders are able to get into a home? The owner lets them in. Those reading this blog may think that statement is a facetious one. It is definitely not. The HSS Geek has put a lot of research into home security. Through the course of this research, it has been discovered many people will open their door to strangers even when the circumstances surrounding the situation present scores of red flags. For example, someone may be knocking on the door at an extremely late hour. Usually, such persons will make claims they are experiencing some sort of trouble and need to use the phone. Opening the door to such persons would be a disastrous mistake. When the doorbell rings late at night and to do not recognize the person on the other side of the peep hole, call the police. Immediately.

It is also critical to have an alarm affixed to the door. Why? Basically, the person on the other side of the door might attempt a forcible entry. If a loud alarm is tripped when the door is broken open, the criminal will likely be forced to flee. After all, the alarm will draw attention to the home and lead to a response from authorities. The crook is not likely to hang around in such a scenario.

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