FTP Advice From The Web Host Guru

FTP, or file transfer protocol is what is used by many business owners to transfer files from their computer to the server of their web site host. In order to be able to transfer files using FTP, FTP software will need to first be installed on your computer. There are many free programs available, and they can all be located with a quick web search. Connecting to your web host’s server via FTP is fairly simple. Once your  FTP program has been installed, you will need to go into the program, and click “Connect”. Once there, you will have to name your connection, and then type in the server address that you wish to connect to; this information should be provided by your web host.

Then, simply select the port number to accept FTP connection. The default is port 21. After this, you will need to ensure that you can still connect with a firewall enabled. To do this, ensure the PASV and Firewall options are checked. Finally, enter your user name, and the password to enter your server. Once this is completed, The Web Host Guru says you can simply click the Connect button in your FTP program, and you can begin transferring your files to your web host.

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