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Home Security Answers Can Be Found Here

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016

So how can you be sure you are accessing the best data and advice in home security? You could just ask a geek. Actually, you do not want to ask any geek. The HSS Geek is who you want to direct your inquiries to.

In all seriousness, the Home Security Geek is an excellent online resource to research and learn quite a bit about home security. A common error so many folks make is they pay a bit too much attention to advertisements of a particular home security item or service. Honestly, the advertisements could be, well, not quite so honest. You cannot just go by advertising copywriting to be sure you are signing on with a top service. This will require a bit more insight into exactly what the service offers, how much it costs, and whether or not it is really right option for your particular security needs. A great many factors go into securing a home and these factors do have to be weighed before signing on the dotted line.

For the uninitiated, having access to a quality website that offers great information on the subject, no strings attached, is well advised. The HSS Geek just might be the perfect guide.

Consult The Internet Safety Guide For Help With Police Enquiries

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013

Local police are once again releasing a number of tips with regard to staying safe online. This comes close on the heels of an increasing number of internet scams. But they all have several things in common. First, many scams will attempt to get your personal information by sending you an official-looking email that requests it. A message can ask for anything from your account passwords to your account number. Another common theme is the fact that many scams will request that money be sent via wire transfer. This should be regarded with much caution, as wire transfer offers no way to track the sending or receipt of payments.

Any payments sent should also be verified by your banking institution so that there is some record of a payment having been sent. But above all, police say that many scams are very good at convincing victims to send money because they sound legitimate. And so being vigilant and asking questions about why this person wants your money are good tools to have in your arsenal, along with regular visits to The Internet Safety Guide. Having the knowledge you need to avoid online scams is priceless, especially considering the billions of dollars lost to identity thieves each year.

Staying on Top of Trends in Home Security

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Do you really have to be a geek to truly be able to protect your home in the most effective way possible? In other words, do you have to be up on all the major new developments in the world of home security to ensure your home is protected? The truth is the average person does not necessarily invest a whole lot of time learning about new trends in home security. Many will purchase very basic systems that are available at a budget they can afford. There is definitely nothing wrong with this approach. Acquiring even very basic home security systems can definitely help keep your home safe and secure.

That said, it never hurts to learn about all the new developments in home security. Being somewhat of a geek when it comes to the subject of home security might not be an idle pursuit at all. Rather, it may help you in making sure your home is the safest one on the block. For those with serious concerns about security, then having the very best and most secure system and gadgets installed on your property just might enhance the potential for you to keep yourself and your family safe.

More than likely, you would want to remain safe when you are walking on the street in addition to when you are in your home. Muggers definitely will want to take advantage of those that appear to be soft targets. A person that lifts weights and is in good physical shape would not appear to be a soft target. Does a person have to be physically imposing in order to scare off a potential robber. No, walking with a great deal of confidence and avoiding all fringe areas would contribute hugely to appearing like less of a target. Adding a significant amount of lean muscle mass, however, will certainly further contribute to the ability to give those will ill intent pause for thought.

The parallels between keeping yourself safe when out and about to making sure your home is safe are quite strong. You do not need the most advanced and innovative home security systems installed in order to keep criminals at bay. However, it would definitely not hurt to have such systems installed. Higher end security cameras, wireless and remote controlled alarms and computer integrated home monitoring technological can all make it a lot harder for a criminal to perform his job. The harder thievery becomes, the more likely the thief will just go somewhere else.

Knowing about all the unique advancements in home security can definitely have a very positive effect on making sure a home is safe. Being a geek in this regard might be a noble thing. The  might just be the best resource for those wishing to reach this lofty height.

The Strange Cases of a Burglary as a Crime of Opportunity

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Are all robberies and burglaries well thought out in advance? Actually, the answer is no. While the movies and television like to show crooks planning out their heists, many crimes are crimes of opportunity. A crook may be walking through a neighborhood at night and will see an opportunity to good to pass up. For example, a window may be open in a home and there are no lights on inside. This can lead the burglar to breaking into the home and committing a robbery or worse. In a sense, entering the home was extremely easy. The open window provided a means in which access could be gained. Again, this is an example of a crime of opportunity. Why pass by an open window when one is accessing? This is how criminals think. Homeowners have to be aware of such actions on the part of criminals so as to be able to avoid or deter them.

Taking a few simple steps to safeguard your home might be enough to cut down on being targeted. Locking doors and windows with regularity could be more than enough to reduce potential crimes. You would be amazed at how many crimes are the result of secured homes. The Home Protection Geek will note a number of tales such as these.

Of course, you can also reduce the chances of a home being broken into by having quality home security systems installed.

Letting the Criminals In Your Home: Believe It Or Not, This Occurs!

Wednesday, June 12th, 2013

What would be among the most common ways intruders are able to get into a home? The owner lets them in. Those reading this blog may think that statement is a facetious one. It is definitely not. The HSS Geek has put a lot of research into home security. Through the course of this research, it has been discovered many people will open their door to strangers even when the circumstances surrounding the situation present scores of red flags. For example, someone may be knocking on the door at an extremely late hour. Usually, such persons will make claims they are experiencing some sort of trouble and need to use the phone. Opening the door to such persons would be a disastrous mistake. When the doorbell rings late at night and to do not recognize the person on the other side of the peep hole, call the police. Immediately.

It is also critical to have an alarm affixed to the door. Why? Basically, the person on the other side of the door might attempt a forcible entry. If a loud alarm is tripped when the door is broken open, the criminal will likely be forced to flee. After all, the alarm will draw attention to the home and lead to a response from authorities. The crook is not likely to hang around in such a scenario.

Self-Defense and Home Protection: A Few Basic Truths

Monday, June 10th, 2013

Are self-defense classes necessary for being able to protect yourself in your home? That is a really tricky question to answer. So, it is best to answer it in the most politically correct manner possible. Basically, it does not hurt to learn as much as you can about self-defense, but what you learn in a self-defense class is not going to cover issues surrounding home security. Home security details protecting your property and (hopefully) not about having to confront violence.  To prevent the problems burglars and robbers form attacking a home often entails making the home a far less promising option to invade.

This can be done through ensuring the right locks are on doors, the right lights are affixed to the exterior of a home and also installing alarms that will keep burglars at bay. Self-defense classes do not cover such material. Now, it is a very good idea to learn basic self-defense. However, it is equally critical to take the steps to ensure you do not make errors in terms of leaving your home at risk to being robbed.

A little knowledge can go a long way. For those wishing to be sure their home is safe, it would not hurt to read up on the subject of basic home security. The HSS Geek is  definitely worth reading if you do want to improve your knowledge on the subject.

Simple Steps That Can Boost Your Home Protection Immensely

Sunday, June 2nd, 2013

There are quite a few steps that can be taken to increase the potential to keep your home safe. Among the best ways would be to get into the habit of performing an audit of sorts every time you leave the home or each night prior to going to bed. What would this audit entail? All it mainly requires is double checking to be sure that all the doors and windows are shut and locked. That would be the simplest and the most basic of steps to take.

If you have an alarm system, you want to be sure it is engaged. The same could be said of any timed lights in the home. When the alarm and the lights are not engaged they will not serve their primary purpose. Obviously, doors and windows that are unlocked will be easy to breach alarm and light or no alarm and lights.

When you do come home, be sure you check the perimeter around the entrance or the garage. This way, you can notice anything out of the ordinary… which could be someone looking to breach entry into your home.

The Home Protection Geek is always quick to point out a simple fact: sometimes, the best home security is when you stay true to the basics.

The Home Protection Geek Goes to Chicago

Friday, May 24th, 2013

 Chicago remains a wonderful city in which to live thanks to its vibrant nature and very rich history. That said, it is not exactly a secret that the crime rate in Chicago has reached epidemic proportions. For those living in or near the Windy City, concerns arise regarding what can be done to increase safety levels. There are a few things that can be done and increasing the amount of coverage for theft in a Chicago homeowners insurance policy would be among the most important. This might catch some by surprise as they will assume locks, alarms and lights are the most important items to buy. Okay, they very well may be. However, there is no guarantee they will always work of keep thieves at bay. In some instances, thieves and burglars can make their way into the home and steal your valuables. If this happens, at least you can take solace in the fact the extra coverage can help if your belongings are taken.

Even if the security systems put in place do their job, you can at least maintain a sense of peace of mind knowing if anything goes wrong, at least you have the right amount of coverage in place. When you own rare and valuable items, you definitely should take the extra steps to be sure a perfect amount of coverage has been taken out. Want to learn more about how this works? Read The Home Protection Geek to find out.