Advice For Parents Of Teen Cell Phone Users

Today’s technology has made it incredibly easy for us to get online and surf the web from anywhere, and no matter where we happen to be. But this can also pose a threat for teens, who seem to be on their phones constantly. With almost all cell phones having internet capability, there are many more possibilities for your child to run into unpleasant situations as they surf.  SO how can you increase their safety when they use their phone? Although nothing can keep anyone 100% safe, there are a few tricks to apply.

Bluetooth being enabled on your child’s phone can mean the receipt of many unwanted messages. It can also leave their personal information vulnerable to intruders. Many phones, when registered as a child and not an adult user, will automatically block any internet content made for adults of 18 years and over, according to The Internet Safety Guide. As well, you may wish to consider whether or not to switch on location services. Because while this can allow you to see where your child’s phone is at any given time, it also opens up this information to anyone your child may link to via social networking.

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