Home Security Answers Can Be Found Here

March 2nd, 2016

So how can you be sure you are accessing the best data and advice in home security? You could just ask a geek. Actually, you do not want to ask any geek. The HSS Geek is who you want to direct your inquiries to.

In all seriousness, the Home Security Geek is an excellent online resource to research and learn quite a bit about home security. A common error so many folks make is they pay a bit too much attention to advertisements of a particular home security item or service. Honestly, the advertisements could be, well, not quite so honest. You cannot just go by advertising copywriting to be sure you are signing on with a top service. This will require a bit more insight into exactly what the service offers, how much it costs, and whether or not it is really right option for your particular security needs. A great many factors go into securing a home and these factors do have to be weighed before signing on the dotted line.

For the uninitiated, having access to a quality website that offers great information on the subject, no strings attached, is well advised. The HSS Geek just might be the perfect guide.

The Diet Mindset Reveals The Number One Cause Of Disease

July 17th, 2013

Believe it or not, stress is at the top of the list of things that can drastically affect our health. And if that weren’t bad enough, there is more than one kind of stress to worry about. In addition to physical stress, there is emotional stress. And emotional stress can actually be the most dangerous kind. The best antidote to stress is to relax. But many of us have trouble doing this. One way to start is simply by breathing. But both the way in which you breathe and how you pay attention to your breathing matters. Simply by breathing more deeply, you can lower your blood pressure and calm yourself down.

Paying attention to your breathing by listening to it and controlling it can also help you to focus on the present instead of looming deadlines for upcoming tasks.  Meditation can help you learn how to breathe properly and more regularly. If you are one to balk at meditation, then you may be interested to know that many conventional physicians are now recommending meditation before prescribing medications. Of course, the right diet with http://www.thedietmindset.com/mdietcoupons.html and engaging in exercise regularly can also help to keep you feeling calmer and at peace.

Advice For Parents Of Teen Cell Phone Users

July 16th, 2013

Today’s technology has made it incredibly easy for us to get online and surf the web from anywhere, and no matter where we happen to be. But this can also pose a threat for teens, who seem to be on their phones constantly. With almost all cell phones having internet capability, there are many more possibilities for your child to run into unpleasant situations as they surf.  SO how can you increase their safety when they use their phone? Although nothing can keep anyone 100% safe, there are a few tricks to apply.

Bluetooth being enabled on your child’s phone can mean the receipt of many unwanted messages. It can also leave their personal information vulnerable to intruders. Many phones, when registered as a child and not an adult user, will automatically block any internet content made for adults of 18 years and over, according to The Internet Safety Guide. As well, you may wish to consider whether or not to switch on location services. Because while this can allow you to see where your child’s phone is at any given time, it also opens up this information to anyone your child may link to via social networking.

The Diet Mindset Recommends These Foods To Help You Feel Full And Lose Weight

July 15th, 2013

There’ s a lot to think about once you’ve made the choice to live a healthier lifestyle. One of these is the foods you eat, but another big contributing factor are the types of foods you eat. Some foods will be responsible for boosting metabolism for long periods of time. In all actuality, these foods can be used to boost metabolism all day long, so that anything you do will burn more calories, even if it’s just walking to and from your desk at work. Some of these foods are in the bean family. So things like lentils, split peas and beans all pack a punch.

Broccoli is another great metabolism-boosting food. It’s also packed with fiber, which is great for reducing cholesterol. Plus, fiber helps you to feel fuller for longer. Raspberries are also fiber powerhouses, and their sweet flavor is very good at killing your cravings for other less healthy types of sugar. Keeping these and other foods in The Diet Mindset is a good idea. Not only will they help you to avoid unhealthy eating, but they will benefit your body in many ways beyond the boosting of your metabolism.



The Diet Mindset Reveals What You Need To Know About Fats

July 12th, 2013

We all know that fat is the number one cause of coronary artery disease, along with a host of other health conditions. But it seems that almost as soon as someone warns about the dangers of fat, someone else starts talking about all of their benefits. So which fats are bad and which are good? Essential fatty acids are what make the actual fat. But why are they considered to be so essential? Essential fatty acids cannot be produced by the body; they can only come from the foods we eat. The two major forms of essential fatty acids are the Omega-6 and Omega-3 acids.

The role these acids play to the body’s health are instrumental. Essential fatty acids help to form cell membranes. They also help with the oxidation of transmission of cholesterol. As well, essential fatty acids help with the production of specialized hormones. Essential fatty acids like linoleic acid should make up about two to four percent of the total calories consumed every day.

Eating a diet of whole natural foods is the best way to get these essential fatty acids. And there are many placed to get them. Some examples are nuts and seeds and dark green leafy vegetables. Unfortunately, the diets that are most conventional all too often contain the least amount of the essential fatty acids that our bodies so desperately need.

The highly-processed diets of today are also causing a host of disease. Many types of cancer, stroke, diabetes and other such grave health risks are what we face if we continue to consume a conventional processed fat diet. Some dieters feel that they can perhaps continue to eat the foods in a conventional diet if they take one of the many supplements on the market that claims to have a host of benefits. But the truth is that this only allows the avoidance of healthier living to continue. As well, no supplement is an adequate substitute for a healthy diet.

In fact, research has proven that even those supplements which contain essential fatty acids have failed to meet their claims that their producers so loudly proclaim. Another reason to rethink these kinds of supplements is that consuming them in large amounts over a long period of time can actually suppress the immune system. This means that they can make our bodies more vulnerable to viruses and more sinister attackers like cancer cells.

There are many myths to overcome if one is to transition to a diet of whole and natural foods. One of these may be that particular diets work better than ever. For instance, considering a particular diet may reveal that it isn’t an oil that’s regularly used in the food which contributes to weight loss, but the inclusion of large amounts of raw vegetables. The Diet Mindset recommends examining each weight loss option carefully to look at the types of foods that each diet offers. And then compare the foods with the lists of healthy and unhealthy food options.

Does The Web Host Guru Recommend Free Hosting?

July 11th, 2013

A number of would-be web site owners are wondering about whether or not free hosting should be something to be considered when looking for real estate on the web. And there are a number of free hosting solutions available. Of course, there are things to think about when wanting to sign up with a site like this. One of these things is the fact that free hosting sites have to pay somehow for the space they offer for free to their customers. This means that anyone who signs up for space with a free host will likely have to deal with banner advertising being placed on their site.

Companies pay for space with free web hosts to advertise their products and services. This is how free hosts keep their sites free to customers. The Web Host Guru is of the opinion that free web hosting sites definitely have a purpose, especially if the client is a new business owner on a tight budget. However, those with established sites looking to change providers will most probably get more out of a paid web host, as they can oftentimes offer more features with no need to put up with unwanted banner advertising. As well, often, a free host will not allow a business site to engage in any monetary transactions from their web site.

The Internet Safety Guide Talks XP Defender

July 10th, 2013

Safety while using the internet is not something most of us worry about. This is mainly due to the fact that many of us have firewall and antivirus software installed. But what about the threat of fake security programs? One of these is XP Defender, a program which looks like a computer security program, but that is actually a carefully-designed product with the goal of taking users’ money. XP Defender has been helping hackers to do this for a number of years now. The malware begins trying to obtain user money from the point of installation, at which point windows pop up to alert the user to false infections.

Once alerted, the user is prompted to purchase the program in order to remove all of the falsely-detected threats, as well as eliminate the often-annoying pop-up windows. The Internet Safety Guide warns that XP Defender installs itself most often unbeknownst to the user, and as a Trojan-style installation, where the user gives no permission to install the program. This type of malware can be downloaded from any online location, such as a web page or perhaps even an image that the user has opened on their computer.

FTP Advice From The Web Host Guru

July 9th, 2013

FTP, or file transfer protocol is what is used by many business owners to transfer files from their computer to the server of their web site host. In order to be able to transfer files using FTP, FTP software will need to first be installed on your computer. There are many free programs available, and they can all be located with a quick web search. Connecting to your web host’s server via FTP is fairly simple. Once your  FTP program has been installed, you will need to go into the program, and click “Connect”. Once there, you will have to name your connection, and then type in the server address that you wish to connect to; this information should be provided by your web host.

Then, simply select the port number to accept FTP connection. The default is port 21. After this, you will need to ensure that you can still connect with a firewall enabled. To do this, ensure the PASV and Firewall options are checked. Finally, enter your user name, and the password to enter your server. Once this is completed, The Web Host Guru says you can simply click the Connect button in your FTP program, and you can begin transferring your files to your web host.

The Internet Safety Guide And Cyber Dating

July 8th, 2013

For single adults over the age of 18, online dating can represent a scary yet intriguing way to meet people. But as many horror stories you’ve heard may attest to, dating online can be dangerous. There are many things about online dating that are nothing like the real-world dating experience. First of all, a first date after having met someone online can leave you feeling as though you already know a person really well. But it’s important to realize that the person you have been talking to may not look or behave at all like you expect them to.

The best advice is to not give any personal or otherwise sensitive information to your cyber date when you finally meet them offline. Another tip according to The Internet Safety Guide is to not believe everything you may have read about your cyber date online. Another is to take your time getting to know the person, just as you might with someone you met offline. And although it may not seem very nice to do, keep all communications from those you meet online so that you can compare notes once in awhile to make sure the person is telling you the truth.

The Web Host Guru Explains Server Load

July 5th, 2013

The server load is simply a numerical representation of server resources. There are average server loads. When a server becomes busy either due to data backups or abuse by a customer, the server load will likely have a value of 1.00 or above. The general rule is that any server running with a single CPU can be considered under stress if the value goes above 1.00. Web hosts running their servers with two CPUs can consider a dangerous number to be a server load of 2.00 or more.

By definition, the server load number is represents how many processes are in line to access the CPU on a server. But every process will be different. If a process is considered to be a low priority, any new server requests will be handled right away. But the real indication of server load will come from observing activity that occurs in real time, according to The Web Host Guru. So things like how fast a web page loads, or how quickly a database search occurs. If each of these takes a reasonable amount of time, then it’s likely there is no problem with server load on your web host’s server.

Women Can Benefit From Adding These Foods To Their Diet Mindset

July 4th, 2013

We all know that fitness plays a big role in losing weight and getting healthier. But what you eat is crucial to your ability to lose weight successfully. While many women will cut their sugar and fat intake, there are other factors which affect how quickly weight loss occurs. One of these is the foods you eat.  Cucumbers are a good example, as they are very high in water content. Cucumbers are also a natural detoxing and anti-inflammatory food. Oats are another power food; full of complex carbohydrates, oats contain tons of protein that can help rebuild muscle following your workouts.

Although bananas may have gotten a bad reputation due to their calorie content, they can provide the body with lots of energy, and their potassium content will help replenish what the body sweats away during exercise. Eggs are another food which may not have the best reputation, but adding them to The Diet Mindset can actually help add lots of protein to your diet, in addition to iron from the yolks.  And incorporating healthy fats into your diet is important, as fats are what help with both hormone production and injury prevention. Avocadoes are a fantastic source of monounsaturated fats that can help your body work at optimum levels.


Consult The Internet Safety Guide For Help With Police Enquiries

July 3rd, 2013

Local police are once again releasing a number of tips with regard to staying safe online. This comes close on the heels of an increasing number of internet scams. But they all have several things in common. First, many scams will attempt to get your personal information by sending you an official-looking email that requests it. A message can ask for anything from your account passwords to your account number. Another common theme is the fact that many scams will request that money be sent via wire transfer. This should be regarded with much caution, as wire transfer offers no way to track the sending or receipt of payments.

Any payments sent should also be verified by your banking institution so that there is some record of a payment having been sent. But above all, police say that many scams are very good at convincing victims to send money because they sound legitimate. And so being vigilant and asking questions about why this person wants your money are good tools to have in your arsenal, along with regular visits to The Internet Safety Guide. Having the knowledge you need to avoid online scams is priceless, especially considering the billions of dollars lost to identity thieves each year.

The Web Host Guru Can Help Answer Your Virtualization Questions

July 2nd, 2013

If you currently run a server or are considering it, then you might be wondering if the machines in your data center are or will run at 100% efficiency. And you wouldn’t be the first to wonder about this. The unfortunate truth is that a large number of machines which reside in data centers run at no more than fifteen percent of their ability. Not only is this a huge waste of electricity, but many resources go unused.

More and more, server owners are taking advantage of virtualization to increase the efficiency of the machines in their data centers. Virtualization means that the data from several storage devices is aggregated and then stored on a single device, from which all data access occurs via a single workstation.

As mentioned previously, virtualization allows resources to be used more efficiently. But it also means that space is used more efficiently. Those data centers which employ virtualization can drastically reduce their requirements for space. This can mean moving to smaller locations, or using the extra space for other purposes. Less of a dependence on energy is another benefit of this trend, as less energy is required for data centers who have chosen to take advantage of virtualization.

In the event of a disaster which puts data at risk, virtualization can mean that recovery from such events is much quicker and less stressful than it would have been in a traditional data center scenario. A better data recovery process can mean less interruption in business goings-on, meaning less revenue lost overall. Money savings are also a benefit where the hiring and payment of staff are concerned. Because a virtualized server is much more compact, it only requires a few IT personnel to run and maintain it.

In a world where the economy is experiencing a number of ups and downs, any way to decrease operating budgets is viable until and unless proven otherwise. But many organizations are unsure how best to do this, being as data is being created at a faster rate than ever before. Growing data production is not an issue when a virtualized server is present to handle the load.

For those searching for web hosts, it is difficult to determine which do and do not employ virtualization, as this is not usually advertised on host web sites. But anyone who is wondering about the process of these companies will know that they can email a company to ask them about their processes for storing data.

There are other things to look for when trying to decide on a company to call your virtual home. For example, the idea of unlimited bandwidth and which type of hosting is best for you to choose.

Of course, with so much more to choosing a web host, The Web Host Guru can help you to figure out. But virtualization is certainly an important part of a host’s overall service offering, and can make a big difference should some kind of event occur that places the security of your data in jeopardy.

Your Diet Mindset: Are You Making These Workout Mistakes?

June 28th, 2013

Going on a diet can be a great decision for the benefit of your overall health. And exercise goes hand in hand with your weight loss plan. Unfortunately, too many of those who are looking to lose weight make many mistakes in their exercise routines that can sabotage all of their efforts to live a healthier life. No matter what kind of exercise you do, doing the same activities over and over will not result in much improvement, because the body gets used to the same movements. Once it adapts, any results you were getting begin to disappear.

If stationary cycling tends to be a part of your routine, try not using the handlebars the next time you hop on. This will only reduce your resistance. Not using the handlebars means you have to use your core muscles. As far as ego goes, it may look impressive to the others in the gym when you lift more than you can handle, but it won’t do your body or The Diet Mindset any good, especially if you end up with a serious injury. Remember that getting fit doesn’t mean that you are in competition with anyone else but yourself.

Internet Threat Types And How To Tell Them Apart, Courtesy Of The Internet Safety Guide

June 27th, 2013

There are many threats out there on the internet. And keeping them all straight may seem like a difficult task. But the truth is that each threat has its own characteristics. Each is obtained differently, executes in its own unique way and can do specific kinds of damage to your system. And all it takes is to understand the differences between them.

Spyware has been around for years. Included in this kind of malicious software can be programs like keyloggers, which can record your keystrokes and then send that information to a remote server. Spyware can be downloaded just about anywhere online, and a user may not even know that it’s been activated, as this threat usually runs quietly in the background and doesn’t register the use of many additional resources.

Malware is actually the definition for several programs, which have been classified as such due to the fact that they have similar characteristics. Malware can cause a computer to act as though it’s been possessed; your computer may be performing sluggishly due to additional resources being used by the malware. Or, it may change the start page of your browser to a page you didn’t specify. Malware can also cause the appearance of pop-up advertisements, which can quickly become annoying if they start opening up several times during a session. You may also notice the appearance of new icons on your desktop that you don’t remember installing the programs for.

Many of those who enjoy playing games on their computers may have encountered adware. This type of threat is most often downloaded with games offered at no cost. But it can also be installed on a computer when things like free screensavers or other no-cost software. Adware may seem harmless, but it can actually collect information about you, such as the software you use and the email addresses in your contact list.

Adware is perhaps the most prevalent type of threat in the wild today. This is because most computer users will agree to the end-user license agreement of software without reading it. Most often, information about adware and the fact that it will be installed with the software is included in the EULA section of a program. But because most users don’t read the EULA, the adware is often installed without their knowledge.

If you were ever contacted by a company claiming to have your personal information and then demanding that you pay for its return, you are likely a victim of ransomware. This threat type can originate from just about anywhere online, including in email attachments that appear to be legitimate and web sites.

Ransomware will often encrypt the data it collects so that it’s completely inaccessible, and then demand monetary payment from the user in order to obtain the decryption key. Luckily, ransomware is not a common occurrence, according to The Internet Safety Guide. However, it’s a good idea to become familiar with all computer and internet threats that are out there.

Use Your Own Knowledge Along With The Web Host Guru To Get The Best Service

June 26th, 2013

Are you in the market for a new web host, or are looking for a home for your site for the first time? The good news is that your perfect host is out there. The bad news is that it can take some time to find the right company if you have decided to go it alone in terms of research. But you don’t have to fly solo when looking for the right company; you can use a professional resource designed to helping you find the best hosting company for you, and it doesn’t have to cost you a penny.

Reading is all it takes to discover the ins and outs of what most web hosts can offer you. The Web Host Guru can tell you what indicators to look for that will tell you a host is worth your time to check out.  Not only that, but they can tell you which backup services are worth your time as well. You can also discover other resources online which may include both articles and reviews about the best web hosts and backup companies. But remember that industry reviews may contain far less bias than personal reviews.

What You Drink Makes A Difference To The Diet Mindset

June 25th, 2013

Whenever most of us think of losing weight, we think about the food we eat. But what we drink can be just as important. During the summer months is when we venture out to enjoy barbeques, outdoor parties and other gatherings. And at those gatherings, what we drink is as important as what we eat. Because while that fruity social beverage may look like it’s healthy, it may be worse for you than you think. Experts say that one glassfull of beverage can actually contain hundreds of additional unwanted calories that could take a long while to work off.

The trick, experts say, is to rethink the way you define a glassfull. Although it may make sense to consider one drink to be a glassful, in caloric terms, it looks more like half a glass. And so if you’re in The Diet Mindset, the decision about how many extra calories you can afford will be up to you. For instance, is it worth it to drink a 12 oz Margarita when it involves ingesting 94 extra calories, or a 7oz. Cosmopolitan  if it adds 270 calories to what you’ve already consumed? Of course, there’s nothing wrong with indulging in high-calorie beverages once in awhile. But keeping an eye on the amounts you consume can help you decide more wisely.

Staying on Top of Trends in Home Security

June 18th, 2013

Do you really have to be a geek to truly be able to protect your home in the most effective way possible? In other words, do you have to be up on all the major new developments in the world of home security to ensure your home is protected? The truth is the average person does not necessarily invest a whole lot of time learning about new trends in home security. Many will purchase very basic systems that are available at a budget they can afford. There is definitely nothing wrong with this approach. Acquiring even very basic home security systems can definitely help keep your home safe and secure.

That said, it never hurts to learn about all the new developments in home security. Being somewhat of a geek when it comes to the subject of home security might not be an idle pursuit at all. Rather, it may help you in making sure your home is the safest one on the block. For those with serious concerns about security, then having the very best and most secure system and gadgets installed on your property just might enhance the potential for you to keep yourself and your family safe.

More than likely, you would want to remain safe when you are walking on the street in addition to when you are in your home. Muggers definitely will want to take advantage of those that appear to be soft targets. A person that lifts weights and is in good physical shape would not appear to be a soft target. Does a person have to be physically imposing in order to scare off a potential robber. No, walking with a great deal of confidence and avoiding all fringe areas would contribute hugely to appearing like less of a target. Adding a significant amount of lean muscle mass, however, will certainly further contribute to the ability to give those will ill intent pause for thought.

The parallels between keeping yourself safe when out and about to making sure your home is safe are quite strong. You do not need the most advanced and innovative home security systems installed in order to keep criminals at bay. However, it would definitely not hurt to have such systems installed. Higher end security cameras, wireless and remote controlled alarms and computer integrated home monitoring technological can all make it a lot harder for a criminal to perform his job. The harder thievery becomes, the more likely the thief will just go somewhere else.

Knowing about all the unique advancements in home security can definitely have a very positive effect on making sure a home is safe. Being a geek in this regard might be a noble thing. The http://www.homesecuritysystemsgeek.com/  might just be the best resource for those wishing to reach this lofty height.

The Strange Cases of a Burglary as a Crime of Opportunity

June 17th, 2013

Are all robberies and burglaries well thought out in advance? Actually, the answer is no. While the movies and television like to show crooks planning out their heists, many crimes are crimes of opportunity. A crook may be walking through a neighborhood at night and will see an opportunity to good to pass up. For example, a window may be open in a home and there are no lights on inside. This can lead the burglar to breaking into the home and committing a robbery or worse. In a sense, entering the home was extremely easy. The open window provided a means in which access could be gained. Again, this is an example of a crime of opportunity. Why pass by an open window when one is accessing? This is how criminals think. Homeowners have to be aware of such actions on the part of criminals so as to be able to avoid or deter them.

Taking a few simple steps to safeguard your home might be enough to cut down on being targeted. Locking doors and windows with regularity could be more than enough to reduce potential crimes. You would be amazed at how many crimes are the result of secured homes. The Home Protection Geek will note a number of tales such as these.

Of course, you can also reduce the chances of a home being broken into by having quality home security systems installed.

The Role Medical Exams Play in Life Insurance Policies

June 15th, 2013

Medical exams are common requirements for someone seeking a life insurance policy. Common, however, does not mean universal or across the board. In other words, not every life insurance company will require those interested in purchasing a policy to actually undergo a medical exam.

It might seem morbid to note these exams are designed to help gain a determination as to the life expectancy of the person seeking insurance. A person that might not live long can cost an insurance company too much money. Once again, this is a morbid way of looking at life insurance but it is also an accurate assessment of how the life insurance companies look at their applicants.

Again, not each and every life insurance companies will have a medical exam requirements. Reviewing the listings on The State Insurance Guide will quickly reveal there are companies capable of offering a policy without any requirements for medical exams. This will draw in more clients which, of course, is what the life insurance company requires to stay in business. The more customers that pay into the budget of the company, then the more funds will be able to cover the costs of the higher risk members. For those wishing to avoid having to undergo a medical exam, this creates and opportunity.

Homeowners Insurance Quotes: Really, You Should Forward to Them

June 14th, 2013

No one is going to acquire a homeowners insurance policy sight unseen. They will assuredly want to review a series of quotes. By having a quote available for review, it becomes much easier to determine which policy is the best one and is also available at the best price. While there are those seriously interested in reviewing the full volume of quotes available, they might not be able to because the process of acquiring them might end up being cumbersome.

Or that might be the impression the homeowner has.

Not everyone that owns a home or is in the process of buying one will be in the habit of reviewing the websites of the various homeowners insurance providers. Since they do not look at these websites, they might not realize the process of acquiring a a quote has become significantly easier. This can lead someone to actually looking forward to filling out and acquiring a quote.

Looking forward to filling out a quote form? Surely, this is a little overly optimistic of a description. Who would want to look forward to reviewing a homeowners insurance policy?

The truth is anyone wishing to preserve their financial well being will look forward to acquiring the best homeowners insurance policy. The loss of one’s home in the aftermath of a fire or natural disaster can prove financially devastating. Even losing assets in the event of a theft can be troubling for those wishing to remain in good fiscal condition. The only way to cover such assets would be to have a solid insurance policy in place. (See http://www.homeownersinsurancegeek.com/ for more info)

To acquire the best policy means you will need to review quotes….as many quotes as you can. Acquiring merely one or two will not be enough. You want to have as many documents to review as possible. Once again, this will increase the likelihood you end up making the best decision.

The reason some will be reticent about acquiring quotes would be they prescribe to the notion the only way to procure quotes would be to fill out forms by hand. That means taking blue or black ink and filling out paper forms line by line, bit by bit. Such a long and laborious process will be off putting to many. Rather than fill out numerous different forms, they will fill out two or three. While not a terrible idea, per se, it is not the most efficient means of acquiring very necessary quotes.Thankfully, a newer method has emerged that can streamline the process quite a bit. Filling out forms for quotes can be done online. This is the easier way of landing quotes and one that will eventually yield the acquisition of enough quotes to eventually select a solid policy.

Letting the Criminals In Your Home: Believe It Or Not, This Occurs!

June 12th, 2013

What would be among the most common ways intruders are able to get into a home? The owner lets them in. Those reading this blog may think that statement is a facetious one. It is definitely not. The HSS Geek has put a lot of research into home security. Through the course of this research, it has been discovered many people will open their door to strangers even when the circumstances surrounding the situation present scores of red flags. For example, someone may be knocking on the door at an extremely late hour. Usually, such persons will make claims they are experiencing some sort of trouble and need to use the phone. Opening the door to such persons would be a disastrous mistake. When the doorbell rings late at night and to do not recognize the person on the other side of the peep hole, call the police. Immediately.

It is also critical to have an alarm affixed to the door. Why? Basically, the person on the other side of the door might attempt a forcible entry. If a loud alarm is tripped when the door is broken open, the criminal will likely be forced to flee. After all, the alarm will draw attention to the home and lead to a response from authorities. The crook is not likely to hang around in such a scenario.

Self-Defense and Home Protection: A Few Basic Truths

June 10th, 2013

Are self-defense classes necessary for being able to protect yourself in your home? That is a really tricky question to answer. So, it is best to answer it in the most politically correct manner possible. Basically, it does not hurt to learn as much as you can about self-defense, but what you learn in a self-defense class is not going to cover issues surrounding home security. Home security details protecting your property and (hopefully) not about having to confront violence.  To prevent the problems burglars and robbers form attacking a home often entails making the home a far less promising option to invade.

This can be done through ensuring the right locks are on doors, the right lights are affixed to the exterior of a home and also installing alarms that will keep burglars at bay. Self-defense classes do not cover such material. Now, it is a very good idea to learn basic self-defense. However, it is equally critical to take the steps to ensure you do not make errors in terms of leaving your home at risk to being robbed.

A little knowledge can go a long way. For those wishing to be sure their home is safe, it would not hurt to read up on the subject of basic home security. The HSS Geek is  definitely worth reading if you do want to improve your knowledge on the subject.

Do Not Make Common Errors with Naming Your Life Insurance Beneficiary

June 9th, 2013

Anyone interested in purchasing life insurance is doing so because they wish the funds to be directed towards someone that will be named as a beneficiary. While this is certainly obvious, there are other aspects to naming a beneficiary that might not be so obvious. Namely, it might be best to name at least two backup beneficiaries. Why is this? Your primary beneficiary may die before you or even the same time as you. As morbid as this may sound, you and two named beneficiaries could be killed in an accident together leaving other family members without a claim to the life insurance policy. Again, this is a rather brutal situation to describe but it does happen and anyone serious about the proper management of a life insurance policy does have to take time out to address such issues.

The ability to do so is not very difficult. You would simply discuss the matter with the broker of the insurance company. (The State Insurance Guide is a great resource for brokers) Instead of naming one beneficiary, it would be wise to have two more listed as this would not be a problem at all as far as underwriting the insurance policy is concerned. To do so can prove to be aid in avoiding an otherwise disastrous situation.

Arriving at the Decision to Buy Life Insurance

June 8th, 2013

How do people come about purchasing a life insurance policy? Do most buyers simply possess a fiscal insight that leads them to being proactive about purchasing a life insurance policy because they have an innate understanding that a life insurance policy would be very helpful to their family? In truth, there are people such as this. Their mindset may work in such a way because they are involved in fiscal matters as part of their professional life. Not everyone that buys a policy will do so because they come to a natural realization such a policy is wise based on their current fiscal situation.

So, how do some people realize they would be best served procuring a decent life insurance policy for their family?

As bizarre as it sounds, a brush with the afterlife can lead them to taking time out to buy a life insurance policy.

As morose as it sounds, there will be people that receive a wakeup call about their own mortality that comes quite unexpectedly. A person might be in a terrible car crash, be a victim of a violent crime or suffer a medical emergency. Mercifully, the person ends up walking away from such a situation safely unharmed. The end result of the near disastrous situation is the realization life on earth is precious and, savoy, fleeting.

Through coming out of such a situation, once the person stops stressing over the situation itself, the person might end up asking serious questions about who will take care of the family in the event of a passing. This can lead the person to taking a more critical examination of the listings on http://www.lifeinsurancecompaniesbystate.com/ .

There might end up being more mundane reasons why someone will be so willing to take out a life insurance policy. The person might simply have been advised to do so.

The advice might come seemingly out of the blue, but not from an outright unlikely source. For example, a family member me offer friendly advice about purchasing life insurance. Others might go see a financial planner and be a little surprised the planner may veer away from a discussion about stock and money market accounts and make a mention of acquiring a life insurance policy. Those that see this as being removed from the subject of financial planning might not be looking at the broader picture. Life insurance is all about planning for future financial issues.

The entire reason why a life insurance policy is purchased is to help care for the financial well being of family members in the case the primary head of household passes away unexpectedly. Again, this would be a form of financial planning so it would not be out of the ordinary for a consultant to suggest acquiring such a policy.

The IOU Calculator: Accepting Your Responsibility With Debt

June 6th, 2013

keyThere are those that just do not like to deal with debt. To avoid their responsibilities with debt, a person may simply wish to kick the proverbial can down the road. They might be able to pay down their debt now or take steps to refinance, but they find it a little easier to just avoid the problem completely at least for the short term. Sometimes, you just have to take the IOU calculator serious.

In other words, they might engage in a very obtuse strategy for paying off their debt. The strategy they employ might make sense to them, but probable not so much to anyone else.

No, that is not meant as a joke. There are some really bad ideas that entail doing anything but run figures through the IOU calculator and determining what the best strategy to pay of debt quickly and having to cover too much interest.

Rather than paying twice the minimum payment on a credit card statement, a decision might be made just to make the minimum payments, ignore the bill and then make a $2,000 payment at the end of the year. The notion here is 350 days of the year do not have to be spent thinking about the credit card.

Honestly, ideas such as these are disastrous and should not be applied to any debt be it credit card or mortgage related.

The IOU Calculator: Accepting Your Responsibility With Debt

There are those that just do not like to deal with debt. To avoid their responsibilities with debt, a person may simply wish to kick the proverbial can down the road. They might be able to pay down their debt now or take steps to refinance, but they find it a little easier to just avoid the problem completely at least for the short term.

In other words, they might engage in a very obtuse strategy for paying off their debt. The strategy they employ might make sense to them, but probable not so much to anyone else.

No, that is not meant as a joke. There are some really bad ideas that entail doing anything but run figures through the IOU calculator and determining what the best strategy to pay of debt quickly and having to cover too much interest.

Rather than paying twice the minimum payment on a credit card statement, a decision might be made just to make the minimum payments, ignore the bill and then make a $2,000 payment at the end of the year. The notion here is 350 days of the year do not have to be spent thinking about the credit card.

Honestly, ideas such as these are disastrous and should not be applied to any debt be it credit card or mortgage related.

Are Your Eligible for a Life Insurance Policy?

June 5th, 2013

There are a few concerns many may have about being approved for a life insurance policy. Most commonly, concerns will center on age and medical issues. Some assume they may be too old to be approved for a policy. Whether or not this will be the case will likely be based on the particular insurance provider in question. Looking over The State Insurance Guide may reveal a large list of different companies to approach about a policy. There will be companies that might be quite difficult in which to procure a policy from.

This is not the case with each and every insurance provider though.

There are insurance companies that might allow a person up to the age of 84 to be eligible for life insurance. Life insurance companies might also have a no medical examination policy. In some cases, both the high age limit and the lack of a requirement for a medical exam would be combined. To say that would make the life insurance company an inclusive one would be a major understatement.

To assume that you are automatically ineligible for life insurance would be a false assumption. Access to a life insurance policy might end up being a lot greater than you think.

Simple Steps That Can Boost Your Home Protection Immensely

June 2nd, 2013

There are quite a few steps that can be taken to increase the potential to keep your home safe. Among the best ways would be to get into the habit of performing an audit of sorts every time you leave the home or each night prior to going to bed. What would this audit entail? All it mainly requires is double checking to be sure that all the doors and windows are shut and locked. That would be the simplest and the most basic of steps to take.

If you have an alarm system, you want to be sure it is engaged. The same could be said of any timed lights in the home. When the alarm and the lights are not engaged they will not serve their primary purpose. Obviously, doors and windows that are unlocked will be easy to breach alarm and light or no alarm and lights.

When you do come home, be sure you check the perimeter around the entrance or the garage. This way, you can notice anything out of the ordinary… which could be someone looking to breach entry into your home.

The Home Protection Geek is always quick to point out a simple fact: sometimes, the best home security is when you stay true to the basics.

The IOU Calculator: On Getting Your Finances Together

May 31st, 2013

No one would ever wish to deal with issues associated with debt, but there comes a time when you positively must. Going year to year (to even another year) with fiscal problems is not going to be a very smart way to deal with personal finances. The IOU calculator might not always be kind, but it is probably accurate and it may prod you to take steps to clean up your current fiscal situation. Among the very best ways you could gain better control of your finances would be to refinance your current mortgage and acquire a better interest rate. Some say that banks only lend money to those that have it. That is partially true. You do need an income. Most importantly though, you will need to have a good credit rating. Unless your credit rating is good, refinancing a mortgage can be difficult. Consider this another reasons why you may have to take time out to finally improve your credit rating.

Even if you do not want to refinance a mortgage, fixing your credit would be a prudent step to take. Yes, there are refinancing offers for those that have bad credit and they are all worth looking into. However, if you truly want to acquire the best deal, you should look towards cleaning up your credit rating.

The Truth About Home Mortgage Refinancing

May 30th, 2013

Is there such a thing as people that might be addicted to refinancing their home mortgage? The term addiction might be a little too harsh. A better way to describe someone that refinances for a third time and may be looking for a fourth mortgage refinancing deal would be someone that simply does not have proper control of his or her finances. Seriously, such a person is likely trying to move the proverbial deck chairs on the ship around to forestall a financial collapse. Why would anyone wish to continually refinance a mortgage unless the person was suffering from fiscal woes?

Here is a sad truth that should eventually be accepted as reality: there will come a time (sooner than later) that a new mortgage deal will not be forthcoming. Mortgages are not as easy to acquire these days. Among the reasons for them would be lenders want to avoid getting into agreements with those lacking good fiscal management sense. Such persons are likely those that will end up in foreclosure proceedings sooner rather than later. After all, if the person is trying to refinance to make paying a home mortgage easier, the person may be in outright denial that he or she will not be able to may payments on the mortgage in the future. Reality will strike when foreclosure is clearly on the horizon.

Anyone in such a situation should try to avoid forestalling the inevitable and try to look for ways of dealing with the situation. One such step would be to readhttp://www.refinancehomemortgageguide.com/.

The first strategy would be to look for means in which unnecessary expenses from the budget can be eliminated. Cutting out unnecessary and unwanted expenditures could create more liquidity allowing the person to cover more of the monthly mortgage premiums.

Maximizing income is another very important step that must be taken by those seriously worried about not being able to meet mortgage obligations. This advice goes for all those that live in the household. If both spouses have to work two jobs and the two teens in the home have to kick in, this might very well prevent foreclosure and eliminate a number of fiscal woes. Do not worry. Working so much might only have to be a temporary thing.

Look into government backed refinancing. You might have to meet certain eligibility requirements. If you do, then this option might be the only one truly open to you.

Explore the option for a short sale. This might not exactly be the most beneficial outcome since it entails selling the home for less than what is owed on the mortgage. The lender likely has a short sale office set up and you may wish to discuss the issue with the financial institution when it becomes obvious that you are not able to pay the mortgage.

No one likes to go into foreclosure, but looking to perform multiple refinancing ventures to avoid it really is likely only going to delay the inevitable. Also, if you cannot get another refinancing deal anyway, why waste so much valuable time chasing a chimera?

The Average Criminal Mindset

May 29th, 2013

Quite a number of articles about home security do deal with the very important topic of how to keep your home safe. They do not often discuss much about the average criminal mindset. Not everyone, quite honestly, cares about such sociological issues. They are more concerned with doing what they need to do to keep their homes safe. This makes perfect sense. The problem here, however, is they never actually become free of the fear connected to thugs and criminals. That is because they do not understand the mindset of the average burglar or thug.

A criminal understands the job he is involved with is dangerous. To reduce the potential harm that may come to him in the commission of a crime, he will look for soft targets. Those homes that have home security systems installed in them such as the ones described in The HSS Geek certainly are not soft targets. Their presence makes it very easy for them to be detected which can place them in confrontation with law enforcement.

A criminal wants his job to be easy and he wants to reduce his risks. A solid home security system can make things both difficulty and risky for a criminal so he may stay away. While this information will not eliminate all your fears, it might put many of them to rest.

The Refi Guide: Getting Back on the Right Fiscal Track

May 28th, 2013

While it is true that many will refinance their mortgage because they have a clear insight on their finances and a desire stay on top of all fiscal decisions, many others do not fall under such a description. They have let their finances fall into horrible duress. As a result, they must take the steps to get their finances into proper order. One way to do this would be to refinance a home mortgage. Reading a solid source such as The Refi Guide might help with this process immensely. Such a guide definitely offers solid advice into what you should do when the time comes to refinance.

Refinancing should serve one purpose and one purpose alone: to improve your current financial situation. This means you have to be very careful when making decisions about refinancing. A huge error many will make is they decide to refinance and when they do so, they actually make their fiscal situation worse! Obviously, you want to avoid making such a disastrous decision. Instead, you will want to make an informed refinancing decision and this is only capable when you have done the correct amount of research. The Refi Guide will definitely help you make effective research based decisions.

The Refi Guide Can Offer Excellent Insight into Mortgage Refinancing

May 27th, 2013

How can you tell when it is a good time to refinance a home? There are quite a number of indicators that would reveal when procuring a new mortgage is the wiser strategy than keeping the one you currently have. Reviewing The Refi Guide would be a good way to start. Once you review some of the material on the guide, you gain insights into when it would be best to locate a mortgage refinancing broker to procure a new loan.

When interest rates fall and lenders are looking to sign up new clients, this would be a huge indicator that now is the time to refinance. How do you know these factors are aligning? You would need to perform the necessary research to figure such things out. Is that difficult to do? It might not be when you are reviewing a decent online resource that may reveal information you would have a hard time procuring if you were not looking over the site.

Once you do notice the stars are aligning for a good mortgage refinancing deal, it is well advised to actually invest the time actually refinancing. Paying more on a mortgage when better rates are available would not make good fiscal sense.